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The gritty life of a notorious crime family was a brilliantly fascinating subject for my first biography. Mad Frank and Sons tells the story of the gangster Mad Frankie Fraser and his two bank robber sons, David and Patrick, who together have spent almost 100 years at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Their exploits and a gripping insight into a real life of crime are revealed in this page-turner.


The lives of three sisters in the poverty-stricken backstreets of 1930s London provided the inspiration for my international #1 and Sunday Times top ten bestseller, Keeping My Sister's Secrets. The memoir is drawn from the true story of one family growing up beside the River Thames. Although they are sisters, their outlook on life is very different, leading them to face their own challenges. The bond of sisterhood stays strong throughout the social and political upheaval in the run up to the Second World War and beyond, as they learn that blood is thicker than water.


All My Mother's Secrets is a true-life story set in the slum laundries of London and one young woman's search for the truth about her father, feared killed in World War One. But as Annie discovers, sometimes the past has been buried because of things deemed too shocking for the next generation to bear.


Her Father’s Daughter exposes some shocking family secrets, revealing why love can be a reason to lie as well as a reason to live. Two families find themselves bound through the turbulent years of World War Two by one man’s past, in this moving true life story set in London and Newcastle.

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