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Beezy Marsh is an international #1 and Sunday Times Top Ten best selling author who puts family and relationships at the heart of her writing. She is also an award-winning investigative journalist, with more than 20 years' experience of making the headlines in newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph.

She believes that ordinary lives are often the most extraordinary and thousands of readers agree with her, as her books spend months at the top of the charts.

Her fascination with what makes people tick began as a cub reporter in the North East, where she grew up after her family moved from London.

HER FATHER'S DAUGHTER, published by Pan Macmillan in July 2019, tells of two families struggling to face up to the secrets which bind them through two world wars. From the bombed-out terraces of London to the grimy docks of Newcastle, HER FATHER'S DAUGHTER is a poignant true story of the unbreakable bonds of family and the power of love to heal the worst wounds. The book is already a Kindle #1 bestseller.

It follows her #1 and international top-ten bestseller ALL MY MOTHER'S SECRETS (Pan Macmillan 2018) set in the turbulent years between the wars in London. The book is a powerful true story of a young girl's attempts to come to terms with her family's tragic past.

KEEPING MY SISTERS’ SECRETS, (Pan Macmillan 2017) tells the moving story of three sisters born into poverty in 1930s London and their fight for a survival through a decade of social upheaval. It spent six weeks in the Sunday Times top ten and held the coveted #1 Globe and Mail chart slot in Canada for three months.

Beezy's biography of legendary gangsters Mad Frankie Fraser and his bank robber sons, MAD FRANK AND SONS ( Sidgwick and Jackson 2016) follows the family's 100 years on the wrong side of the law and was an Amazon and Kindle #1 bestseller.

Her first novel, MR MAKE BELIEVE (Ipso Books, 2017) charts one mother's attempts to find the key to lasting romance, with the help of daydreams about a hunky actor and an internet blog about her less than perfect life.

Beezy is married, with two young sons, and lives in Oxfordshire with a never-ending pile of laundry.

Praise for Beezy’s books, “compulsively readable and entertaining”
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her father’s daughter 

As a From the Sunday Times bestselling author comes a moving true story of two women fighting to survive scandal, poverty and war.

When Annie marries Harry after years of heartache in a London slum she believes she's found her happy ever after. But the horrors of the Blitz soon threaten everything they hold dear. The terrible sights Harry witnesses as an air raid warden bring back traumatic memories of his time during the First World War. Suddenly Annie finds herself struggling to cope not only with life in wartime and two little children, but also with a husband who seems like a stranger.

Kitty has always been protective of her little brother Harry. Hiding the scandal about their father from the world was the only way to survive as they were growing up in Newcastle. But when she discovers Harry too has a shocking secret, she is torn. Meanwhile Annie wonders why Harry refuses to discuss his life before their marriage and why she has never met his sister. Will the truth ever come to light?

From the bombed-out terraces of London to the docks of Newcastle, Her Father's Daughter is Beezy Marsh's moving and poignant true story about the unbreakable bonds of family, and the power of love to heal the worst wounds.


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All My Mother’s secrets

From the grimy streets of Acton and Notting Hill to the bright lights of the West End, Beezy Marsh's All My Mother’s Secrets is a powerful, uplifting story of a young woman’s struggle to come to terms with her family’s tragic past.

Annie Austin’s childhood ends at the age of twelve, when she joins her mother in one of the slum laundries of Acton, working long hours for little pay. What spare time she has is spent looking after her younger brother George and her two stepsisters, under the glowering eye of her stepfather Bill. In London between the wars, a girl like Annie has few choices in life – but a powerful secret will change her destiny.

All Annie knows about her real father is that he died in the Great War, and as the years pass she is haunted by the pain of losing him. Her downtrodden mother won’t tell her more and Annie’s attempts to uncover the truth threaten to destroy her family. Distraught, she runs away to Covent Garden, but can she survive on her own and find the love which has eluded her so far?

'Beautifully-penned story on the harshness of life and how hope survives' The Sun