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Mrs Make Believe

My blog today features a back-to-basics recipe most of you may already be familiar with. You can pin it on the fridge, to help the man in your life remember what to do, once he gets back from work, football, or the pub.


1. Take one woman - moist, soft but still firm to the touch.

2. Strip.

3. Blend.

4. Roll on a sheet. If you are short of time, any flat surface will do.

5. Prick firmly.

6. Rest (you won't have time to do this later).

7. Leave for nine months. A pinch of humour and a big dollop of understanding will make her easier to handle.

8. Tell her to push down. (Note: your woman may crumble. If not, don't worry, she is bound to fall apart at some point.)

9. Carefully pat the fruits of her labour and wrap in a warm towel, before sharing with friends and family. Sprinkle liberally with presents if desired.

10. To create a whole batch, just follow the recipe again.

WARNING! Do not repeat Step 6. You will get your fingers burned.

TOP TIP: Get on with your life and leave her to clear up the mess in the kitchen, for the rest of hers.

I love being a source of inspiration. Do let me know if this recipe helps to establish a good domestic routine in your home.


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