Well, I'm thrilled to announce that Mr Make Believe is finally here!

I fought my way through a pile of laundry and two school runs to write this and I expect you did the same to read it.
I'm so excited to share my debut novel about the adventures of imperfect, blogging mother Marnie Martin and her search for Mr Make Believe. If you can wrestle the iPad or Kindle off the kids for five minutes, you can download it as an ebook, or you can just click on the link and order it from Amazon as a paperback. It doubles as a handy rest for a gin and tonic of an evening in that format, I find.
Getting the time to read isn't easy, I know. I often start a game of hide and seek with the kids and lock myself in the bathroom to grab a few moments me-time. It works, trust me.
Anyway, I really hope you enjoy reading about Marnie and her exploits, through motherhood, marriage and the mayhem of raising kids, while she struggles to work out whether true love is real or just make believe. You can have a sneak peek at the prologue, here

If you enjoy my book, I'd be so thrilled if you would give it an honest review on Amazon too.
Meanwhile, there will be plenty more to look forward to from Marnie Martin and her best mate Belle Devine over the coming months, with a prequel in production for starters which you'll be the first to hear about.